Monday, 23 July 2012


Just about an hour go, the seniors announced the two new leaders for LIVE. Yep I didn't get it. Not to be perasan or what, but frankly I was quite disappointed. But then again, who was I to expect anything right? See, best not to have any hopes, so that you won't get hurt so much in the end. But like my blog title says, Life Goes On. I'm honestly happy for Andrea and Mamta, from the bottom of my heart :) gratz guys! <3 And I promise I won't let this make me lose my love and passion for LIVE. <3

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Taken advantage of..?

Apparently, according to my close friends, I'm being taken advantage of. ._. Cuz I'm taking all the responsibility and I'm doing way more than I should have to do. ._. They suggest I talk to someone like Ms Elaine, but I don't think I have the guts to :/ But its true also that I should stand up and voice out things. Maybe I'll just keep quiet about the Recruitment Drive, see what they are going to do. hmm....

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

First day of college Sem 2

Today. First day of college. Okay technically it's yesterday cuz its 12.23am right now. Anyways, 17th July. Yup. Finally back into college after a whole month of break. I used to have one month break back in Singapore too, but this was totally different. I had practically nothing to do for a good whole month because my subjects were not confirmed, and also I didn't have the textbooks. Back in Singapore, one month holiday was just filled with assignments, homework, projects, tests, remedials, choir practices etc.

So. After one whole month of basically doing nothing, finally back in college. Finally got to see all my friends! But sadly the seniors are gone :'( I miss all of them :( Unfamiliar faces everywhere we go :(

But, being the noisiest and biggest 'gang' in CPU now (I think), we claimed the sofa as ours :x There were sooooo many of us down at ECA today since moral studies have not started. We were making so much noise as if it was our own home. Practically hogged the whole ECA :x

I got my timetable on Monday, didn't really like it cuz my first lesson starts at 8. -.- So I decided to change my timetable! ALSO! I DROPPED CHEMISTRY!!! WOOHOOOO!!! Sorry Mr Leong and Chew :x But I really don't like chem :x Instead, I took Business Leadership!

Since it was first day of lessons, the teachers didn't do much, just some ice breakers cuz we had so many July intakes! Almost everyone from Eng4U are July intakes! They're all so shy :3 reminds me of myself when I first came to CPU :x heh! SHY LIKE WHAT! Dare not talk to anybody :x

But yeah, it was so tiring today. No stamina already :( Holidays slack so much, now that we're back in college, its so tiring! And I sort of had trouble waking up today :/ So I guess I'll go to sleep soon!

Friday, 13 July 2012


WHEE! I finally finished doing up the posters for our sale :D There's a total of 6 posters, but I shall just post 2 here :D

Here is the main poster where everyone put me is in! LOL. Mainly because i extracted this photo from our Facebook page cover and the cover photo dimensions doesn't allow me in it :( OH WELL! It's quite pretty I think :o Credits to the photographer, Liz's friend, SuiYang, for taking such pretty and good quality photos :D

And Here is the one with me :D All the models (Louis, Darren, Krishnan, Liz, MaySuet and myself) have a poster of their own! :P 

SO. All the posters are going to be pasted around campus ._. hopefully nobody recognizes me :x HAHA. 

ANYWAY! If you happen to be from Taylor's or something, COME SUPPORT US! The shirts are really pretty, you can tell from the photo lol.

BUT YEAH. For more details like sizes and measurements, visit our Facebook page HERE! :D

Okay I guess I'm done for the night :) Gotta wake up at like 5am, driving down to Singapore! This means replenish sleep in the car :P 


xoxo Camille

Monday, 9 July 2012


I think mum don't let me go out with the gang tomorrow. I sad. Okay. Bye.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Prep talk with dad after lunch. Or lecture.


Utterly disappointed.
Utterly disappointed.
Utterly disappointed.
Utterly disappointed.

These two words are gonna haunt me for I don't know how long. 

Why disappointed? Cuz I got apparently 1 A, 2 Bs for my first semester in CPU. I didn't know CPU had A B C gradings. Okay that's not the point. Point is, I didn't get an average of  >80%. Dad expects 85%. And yes I know average of 85% is so so important, but, it's not that easy okay. At least that's what I think now. Firstly, I'm involved in quite some activities. I had LIVE, choir, prom committee, Talent Show. I think that's all? But that's actually quite a lot. Thank god i kinda dropped out from Animal Huggers, TDC, Photography Club and Futsal. It's too much to handle.
My dad compares CPU to CAL. He says CAL students have more things in hand cuz they take 5-6 subjects altogether whereas we CPU students take only like 3. But then you see, CAL has 1.5 years to absorb stuff and probably slack at first and then only pick up during their major exams. We CPU students, we only have less than 6 months for each subject, not forgetting that every assignment/quiz/test is weighted. SO. My conclusion:
We should not be compared to CAL students. It's like comparing an apple with an orange. Doesn't make sense. It's not fair. 

So right now, I don't know if I should continue with my Science subjects or not. Doesn't seem quite practical to me. I don't really see myself sitting in a lab for a whole day. What else will I be able to do other than sitting in a lab doing research? 
Should I do business? Seems more practical. Somehow. Wider job range? But business course seems so common now, it would be difficult to get into a good uni? I don't know. 
Music? But how. 

Aiya screw it. All because of the scholarship in Xinmin. For some reason, scholars are highly discouraged to take Art for O levels. Stupid. Other people like in Catholic High, they also can take, why we cannot. If I had taken art, maybe I would be able to do some design course, or architecture. Pfft. Whatever. What's done is done.

Now I need to confirm what course I wanna take next sem, which starts in a week. Can't wait to get back to college actually. Hopefully dad let me take 3 sems. Then I'll just take English 4U and Calculus next sem, along with Malaysian Studies, Moral and Malay, which I think is plain stupid. I have to take all those because I'm Malaysian. And I think its gonna be bad for me, cuz i heard that Maalaysian Studies is like SPM Sejarah, which means I'm screwed.

Whatever it is, I'm gonna hope for the best: Parents let me take 3 sems. Cuz next sem is gonna be a busy one. 

Okay bye. 

Saturday, 7 July 2012


OKAY EDITING DONE! :D pretty? yes no? :D

So, why a new blog?
Cuz I felt that my old one was to emo and sad and stuff. Not good. So I decided to start all over! :) Hopefully I will blog often.

I really think appstore should have a Blogger app. Makes things so much easier. But oh well. One advantage for Android users.

Okay I have no idea what to say. SO YUP.

Oh and i just created Formspring today, and I have totally NO IDEA how it works. Someone should teach me ._.

OH YES. I wanna trim my hair a little. Havent cut it since like March? And I wanna dye it red again, this time at my cousin's place. I don't trust anywhere else anymore.

OKAY I SHALL GO NOW! Mummy wants me to sleep early :(
nanana! goodnight people! <3

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