Friday, 13 July 2012


WHEE! I finally finished doing up the posters for our sale :D There's a total of 6 posters, but I shall just post 2 here :D

Here is the main poster where everyone put me is in! LOL. Mainly because i extracted this photo from our Facebook page cover and the cover photo dimensions doesn't allow me in it :( OH WELL! It's quite pretty I think :o Credits to the photographer, Liz's friend, SuiYang, for taking such pretty and good quality photos :D

And Here is the one with me :D All the models (Louis, Darren, Krishnan, Liz, MaySuet and myself) have a poster of their own! :P 

SO. All the posters are going to be pasted around campus ._. hopefully nobody recognizes me :x HAHA. 

ANYWAY! If you happen to be from Taylor's or something, COME SUPPORT US! The shirts are really pretty, you can tell from the photo lol.

BUT YEAH. For more details like sizes and measurements, visit our Facebook page HERE! :D

Okay I guess I'm done for the night :) Gotta wake up at like 5am, driving down to Singapore! This means replenish sleep in the car :P 


xoxo Camille

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