Sunday, 8 July 2012


Prep talk with dad after lunch. Or lecture.


Utterly disappointed.
Utterly disappointed.
Utterly disappointed.
Utterly disappointed.

These two words are gonna haunt me for I don't know how long. 

Why disappointed? Cuz I got apparently 1 A, 2 Bs for my first semester in CPU. I didn't know CPU had A B C gradings. Okay that's not the point. Point is, I didn't get an average of  >80%. Dad expects 85%. And yes I know average of 85% is so so important, but, it's not that easy okay. At least that's what I think now. Firstly, I'm involved in quite some activities. I had LIVE, choir, prom committee, Talent Show. I think that's all? But that's actually quite a lot. Thank god i kinda dropped out from Animal Huggers, TDC, Photography Club and Futsal. It's too much to handle.
My dad compares CPU to CAL. He says CAL students have more things in hand cuz they take 5-6 subjects altogether whereas we CPU students take only like 3. But then you see, CAL has 1.5 years to absorb stuff and probably slack at first and then only pick up during their major exams. We CPU students, we only have less than 6 months for each subject, not forgetting that every assignment/quiz/test is weighted. SO. My conclusion:
We should not be compared to CAL students. It's like comparing an apple with an orange. Doesn't make sense. It's not fair. 

So right now, I don't know if I should continue with my Science subjects or not. Doesn't seem quite practical to me. I don't really see myself sitting in a lab for a whole day. What else will I be able to do other than sitting in a lab doing research? 
Should I do business? Seems more practical. Somehow. Wider job range? But business course seems so common now, it would be difficult to get into a good uni? I don't know. 
Music? But how. 

Aiya screw it. All because of the scholarship in Xinmin. For some reason, scholars are highly discouraged to take Art for O levels. Stupid. Other people like in Catholic High, they also can take, why we cannot. If I had taken art, maybe I would be able to do some design course, or architecture. Pfft. Whatever. What's done is done.

Now I need to confirm what course I wanna take next sem, which starts in a week. Can't wait to get back to college actually. Hopefully dad let me take 3 sems. Then I'll just take English 4U and Calculus next sem, along with Malaysian Studies, Moral and Malay, which I think is plain stupid. I have to take all those because I'm Malaysian. And I think its gonna be bad for me, cuz i heard that Maalaysian Studies is like SPM Sejarah, which means I'm screwed.

Whatever it is, I'm gonna hope for the best: Parents let me take 3 sems. Cuz next sem is gonna be a busy one. 

Okay bye. 

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