Saturday, 7 July 2012


OKAY EDITING DONE! :D pretty? yes no? :D

So, why a new blog?
Cuz I felt that my old one was to emo and sad and stuff. Not good. So I decided to start all over! :) Hopefully I will blog often.

I really think appstore should have a Blogger app. Makes things so much easier. But oh well. One advantage for Android users.

Okay I have no idea what to say. SO YUP.

Oh and i just created Formspring today, and I have totally NO IDEA how it works. Someone should teach me ._.

OH YES. I wanna trim my hair a little. Havent cut it since like March? And I wanna dye it red again, this time at my cousin's place. I don't trust anywhere else anymore.

OKAY I SHALL GO NOW! Mummy wants me to sleep early :(
nanana! goodnight people! <3

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