Sunday, 26 August 2012



If you haven't heard, I am SUPER CRAZILY OBSESSED with her. No joke. She is so pretty!! I love everything about her man. Her swag, her style, her voice, her attitude, her uniqueness. Got addicted to her since I watched her ' Want U Back' US version MV! Saw someone share the video on Facebook and I was hooked since then. She's just amazing, being so successful at such a young age! I feel kind of like a stalker sometimes :x OOPS! 

Her hair is always so pretty!! My favorite hairstyle of hers is still the side cut! 

I realised my choice in fashion has been inclining to Cher's. Mostly like inspiration. For example, I've been having side swept hair for quite some time since my parents wont let me shave off one side. And also recently I've decided to try out wearing bandanas! I think Cher kind of brought back the bandana trend cuz I see quite some people in the west doing it. 

It was quite weird for me at first, because I haven't seen anyone wearing bandanas around here. Eventually, I went through a day with my bandana, with my friends' help and no negative comments. After feeling quite comfortable with it, I've been starting to wear it occasionally when I feel like it! :D 

So my main point of this post is that,  I really love Cher Lloyd! Especially her unique style. I'm trying to find shops in KL that sells posters so that I can get a few of hers and splat it around my room HAHA!
HOPEFULLY she decides to have an Asia Tour soon, cuz I really really wanna meet her!! It would be so awesome if i could meet her some day! Please come to Malaysia!! :3 <3


Latest Obsessions: STUDS

I realised I haven't been blogging for awhile. So I've decided to write about something. My current obsession.


Yes Studs. I am currently so obsessed with stud fashion that I wanna grab every studded thing I see. I'm trying to up my studded fashion collection and it's not easy because everything studded out there is just so expensive :(
I recently bought these stud rings from H&M! It was like love at first sight! I saw them on the rack and I just grabbed them without even looking at the price. -.- I'm serious. But thank got it was below SGD10 and it was such a good buy!

I have this edge-studded small clutch/sling bag I bought in China a few years back. Don't know what made me get them at that time but right now I'm so glad I did! The studs did rust a little since it has been with me for quite awhile, so I painted a coat of silver nail polish and topped it with clear top coat, and now it's pretty again! 

I'm trying to get some studs online to stud up all my other things but I still haven't managed to get hold of any studs yet. I really want studded shorts soooo badddd! I've been working on a DIY shorts and it's not bad for now! I cut up a pair of super old jeans that nobody in my family wears, since it wasn't a pair of skinnies. It was quite high waisted, so this makes my first pair of high waisted shorts!
So i basically turned this ugly thing 

Into this!!

Took me some time to gather courage to cut it since my mum didn't really encourage me to do so. Frayed up the edges a little and cut some slits here and there and VIOLA!
I was actually thinking of bleaching it and adding color to it, but I've tried to bleach a small part of the legs of the jeans, and its super ugly, like a super ugly yellowish dirty green. It just screams eww. Besides, I think it'll take alot of bleach and soaking for many many hours to bleach all the color out since the jeans has a super dark navy blue and dark green base. Sooo the only missing thing now is the pretty little studs. I hope i can get them soon :(
I'll probably stud them like these, but we'll see how it goes.


And I happen to stumble upon these gorgeous heels online. To die for. Seriously. Love the insides of the Abbey Dawn pumps by Avril Lavigne!

Some stud bangles like these would be pretty awesome, but they are usually quite pricey. At least the ones I always see.

Whilst window shopping in Sunway Pyramid couple days ago, I happen to chance upon studded faux collar similar to these. They are just so OMG. I would have gotten one if it wasn't so overpriced. But then again, I think I would feel a little awkward wearing faux collars.

When finally get my hands on some studs, I'll probably revamp my whole closet. Okay maybe not the whole closet that's just insane. But I really will stud up some of my clothes for sure! 
I have a denim shirt that is similar to this from H&M which I have no idea where it is hiding now. I've been searching high and low. Hopefully it decides to stop playing hide and seek with me and appear in my drawer. Cuz this is the shirt that appears at the top of my mind when I think of studding my clothes. I'll probably stud up the collar and the pockets of this shirt.

ALSO! I THINK I'm gonna stud my converse sneakers. maybe like this, but in beige. I'm not sure about this just yet because most of the studded converse sneakers I see online are the high cut ones and they look stunning, hopefully it looks as good on the low cut ones.

Let's not forget about the bomb. Yes. The black studded leather bikers jacket! 
Sadly I live near the damn equator and its summer all year round. It's so crazily humid I almost never wear long sleeved shirt. Yes I'm super scared of heat. Also, being asian, I guess, my parents are not so open minded about these kind of clothing. They kind of associate bikers jacket, even without studs, to gangsters. So, fat chance I'll get my hands on one of these soon :( 

Hopefully I'll get to own more studded things! Cuz I'm seriously so obsessed with them now!

Okay I don't know how to end this post. So.. BYE! :D

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dato' Lee Chong Wei London Olympics 2012

Watched the Badminton Men's Singles just now (8pm 5th august). IT WAS INTENSE. It was the finals, Lee Chong Wei playing against Lin Dan. As a Malaysian, obviously i supported Lee Chong Wei. The game was seriously so intense i literally shouted and screamed and punched the sofa lol.
LCW won the first set! The scores were 21-15! It was pretty darn awesome! I was like, 'YES! Malaysia is gonna have our first gold medal!'
Thennnnn the second set. 10-21 ._. Yup LinDan won. Totally expected LCW to nail it.
Apparently there was quite a significant wind blowing at the same direction throughout, which kind of affected the match :/
SOOOO. It was getting super exciting. The third match! It was sooooo scary. Very tight match. The scores were always THAT close. LCW was leading for some time. Then he made a few mistakes. Guess he was very nervous. It ended up with 19-20, with LinDan leading. One last crucial ball. And LCW hit the shuttlecock a little too far out. And LinDan won. It was so close. But yup, LinDan won, yet again.
However, just like everyone has been saying, although LCW did not win the gold medal in the Olympics 2012, we all know he deserves it. For his perseverance and hardwork. He has improved a lot since the last Olympics in Beijing. He was THAT CLOSE to beating LinDan. Apparently he was taking pain killers to ease the pain in his ankle. :( He played so well even though he was still in pain :') We Malaysians are proud of you LCW :) Malaysia loves you, the world loves you, so there's nothing to be sorry about! :D You've won all our hearts :)