Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dato' Lee Chong Wei London Olympics 2012

Watched the Badminton Men's Singles just now (8pm 5th august). IT WAS INTENSE. It was the finals, Lee Chong Wei playing against Lin Dan. As a Malaysian, obviously i supported Lee Chong Wei. The game was seriously so intense i literally shouted and screamed and punched the sofa lol.
LCW won the first set! The scores were 21-15! It was pretty darn awesome! I was like, 'YES! Malaysia is gonna have our first gold medal!'
Thennnnn the second set. 10-21 ._. Yup LinDan won. Totally expected LCW to nail it.
Apparently there was quite a significant wind blowing at the same direction throughout, which kind of affected the match :/
SOOOO. It was getting super exciting. The third match! It was sooooo scary. Very tight match. The scores were always THAT close. LCW was leading for some time. Then he made a few mistakes. Guess he was very nervous. It ended up with 19-20, with LinDan leading. One last crucial ball. And LCW hit the shuttlecock a little too far out. And LinDan won. It was so close. But yup, LinDan won, yet again.
However, just like everyone has been saying, although LCW did not win the gold medal in the Olympics 2012, we all know he deserves it. For his perseverance and hardwork. He has improved a lot since the last Olympics in Beijing. He was THAT CLOSE to beating LinDan. Apparently he was taking pain killers to ease the pain in his ankle. :( He played so well even though he was still in pain :') We Malaysians are proud of you LCW :) Malaysia loves you, the world loves you, so there's nothing to be sorry about! :D You've won all our hearts :)

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