Sunday, 26 August 2012



If you haven't heard, I am SUPER CRAZILY OBSESSED with her. No joke. She is so pretty!! I love everything about her man. Her swag, her style, her voice, her attitude, her uniqueness. Got addicted to her since I watched her ' Want U Back' US version MV! Saw someone share the video on Facebook and I was hooked since then. She's just amazing, being so successful at such a young age! I feel kind of like a stalker sometimes :x OOPS! 

Her hair is always so pretty!! My favorite hairstyle of hers is still the side cut! 

I realised my choice in fashion has been inclining to Cher's. Mostly like inspiration. For example, I've been having side swept hair for quite some time since my parents wont let me shave off one side. And also recently I've decided to try out wearing bandanas! I think Cher kind of brought back the bandana trend cuz I see quite some people in the west doing it. 

It was quite weird for me at first, because I haven't seen anyone wearing bandanas around here. Eventually, I went through a day with my bandana, with my friends' help and no negative comments. After feeling quite comfortable with it, I've been starting to wear it occasionally when I feel like it! :D 

So my main point of this post is that,  I really love Cher Lloyd! Especially her unique style. I'm trying to find shops in KL that sells posters so that I can get a few of hers and splat it around my room HAHA!
HOPEFULLY she decides to have an Asia Tour soon, cuz I really really wanna meet her!! It would be so awesome if i could meet her some day! Please come to Malaysia!! :3 <3


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