Saturday, 22 September 2012

H&M Opening in Lot 10

FINALLY! H&M is opened in KL! I am so extremely happy! No need to wait til I go down to Singapore next time! Whee!!!  

I wanted to go like super early cuz the last time for the opening in Singapore, they gave out few hundred dollar vouchers to the first few. Unfortunately I had Parent Teacher Meeting in college this morning so I couldn't camp out there :(

But of course I still went! Sid, Leon and Jon were supposed to come too but they didn't :( So I went with Louis! I look horrible here but whatever.

I was super happy when i got there! It was seriously like shopping heaven. Mum gave me some money earlier today and she told me to try not to buy anything. But 3 floors of clothes! How can you resist the temptation! I grabbed a few items, super happily just stuffing everything into the shopping bag so that I can filter them out later. I first saw this bright green blazer and just grabbed it! It was a very unique green and I've been wanting a blazer for so long! Then I saw some skinnies. Light purple. Like lavender but lighter. More like pastel. I just grabbed it and walked to the next floor. Next floor was wayyyyy worse. Oh my god all the teen clothes. Biker's jacket in black and maroon, faux leather pants in black and maroon, loose tanks, pretty heels, combat boots in glossy black and velvety maroon (WTH RIGHT), colorful skinnies etc. I wanted to just grab one of everything and bring them home. But mum says I have too many clothes so I shouldn't buy anymore -.- Anyway! I ultimately narrowed down to only 2 items :'( Sad right :'( I got the purple skinnies and black blazer!

I didn't get the green blazer cuz I thought it would be harder to match clothes and because it was about RM40 more expensive :/ I actually had to decide between this black one, the green one and another nude one. The nude one was really nice too but I just felt black was more 'me'. And it somehow looks a little more professional as well, better for my formal presentations in college.

So yeah, I am SUPER BEYOND HAPPY that H&M is finally open in KL! Although its in town and it's not very convenient cuz it's always jam and stuff. But it's so much better than having to travel all the way to Singapore just to buy pretty and non-overpriced (reasonably priced) clothes. (Honestly I personally think that Topshop and Forever 21 is super crazily overpriced)

And yeah, H&M is my favorite place to shop for now. Beats any other shops. \m/