Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Disaster ._.

I just attempted to trim my fringe by myself in the toilet just now. I think it is a disaster right now ._. supposed to be like side swept bangs but now its kinda like normal flat bangs that reaches about my eye area I think ._. okay maybe a little slanted. And the sad thing is that tomorrow is the last day of college means lots of photo taking means ughh. horrible photos ._.
Okay I shall pray hard that my hair will be good tomorrow.

Exams.. Last day of CPU.. and LANCOME!!!!

So... My exams are coming up and I don't really feel like studying yet, even though my English paper is on this Friday. But thank god I only have 3 papers in total :D I'm also kind of sad that 'Life of Pi' is screening in cinemas (here in Malaysia) only from tonight. Which is quite late compared to our neighbor Singapore. I find it quite unfair :/ But anyways! I want to watch Life of Pi because it will be tested on our English paper and I did not read the whole book. ._. I only vaguely know some super frequently discussed details. Hence the need to watch the movie (even if it's slightly tweaked).

But the thing is... tomorrow will be the last day I'm having classes in CPU :( I'm so sad :( So gonna miss college life and all my incredible friends :(
Note to self: Take lots and lots of photos tomorrow! And remember to charge my camera battery -.-
I'm gonna wear my brand new CPU tee for the last day of college! Woohoo! ALSO, I can't wait for the CPU Identity Train! This CPU Train thing is a CPU tradition where the students 'line' up and run around the whole building chanting 'CPU! CPU! CPU!'. I'm so excited partly because this is my last semester and that I didn't get to join last semester due to early scheduled exams so that I can leave for Perth, Aussieeee. And also because I had bad period cramps that day.

ANYWAYYYYYY on a totally different topicccccccc
MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT CAME EARLY!!!! It's from my parents :3

Christmas Limited Edition set I think! It's so pretty i can't even! The pretty gold glittery shimmery bag/box is huge!! Did I even mention Gold and Glittery and Shimmery?!?! *faints* But anyways, this set is amazing, seriously. Apparently Lancome was having a special deal :O
I'll list out some of the things inside:
3 make up brushes in a shimmery gold brush pouch
Blush Palette
Eye shadow Palette
Lip Gloss
2 mini Red lipsticks
A mini Perfume
1 mascara (Hypnose Doll)
Eye cream
A giant bottle of make up remover
(Eye Palette)

(cover of eye palette and perfume)


(one of the lipstick and perfume)

Mum also bought herself a christmas present haha! Lancome's perfume! Apparently it's her favorite! :O

I'm so so so very happy I got this set. This is the first time I own something from Lancome and it is just amazing to have so many at once! So grateful!

OH *p.s. The Foundation brush is so freaking soft I wanna touch it for the whole day x.x