Friday, 21 December 2012

Graduating from Canadian Pre-U, Taylor's College

Yes! I have finally graduated! 

like after just one year..

So I have officially graduated from CPU about a week ago, on December 13th, 2012. I haven't blogged about it so here goes!

Last semester, I, together with the rest of LIVE (a vocal ensemble) juniors watched as our seniors perform for their graduation. Watching them go was heart wrenching. But this time round, I was the one graduating.

Since it has been a tradition for LIVE to perform on graduation, we chose to perform our version of a very sad song, The Scientist by Coldplay.

Tristan took a photo of us from the top.

After several speeches and cert giving, we had this very special ceremony, I think it's called the Candle Lighting Ceremony. Every teacher and graduate will be given a white candle, and our principal, Mr Jim, will light his candle and pass on to the teachers to everyone else. It is a tradition in CPU because apparently it is a tradition for Canadian schools to have this Candle Lighting Ceremony. Last semester we watched our seniors holding the candles, it made us juniors long for our turn! I will admit that I was very excited to get a candle.
We held onto each other with our candles singing 'Graduation' by Vitamin C.
Such a beautiful sight.

After the whole graduation ceremony, everyone was basically busy taking photos with each other. I kinda expected the whole thing to be more sad and to carry a much heavier atmosphere, but it was total opposite, everyone seemed so hyped up and excited! My lovely boyfriend bought me pretty and expensive flowers when I really thought it was quite unnecessary :P the bouquet is almost in every photo! Haha!

Louis bought me this pretty bouquet of flowers and wrote me a really sweet and funny card :3
All in all, this graduation was a different experience, way different from the one I had in Xinmin. It was definitely unique despite having to pay RM28 to rent the ugly gown. Hahaha. Definitely memorable. I'm definitely going to miss CPU and all my friends here.

I shall end my post with some pretty photos! :)

p.s. Some photos are not as nice because I am lazy to photoshop lightings, the nicer ones are from Tisha/Tisha's brother.
So this is my ootd before graduation.

Shazlin, me, Mamta, Tisha, Joel
Mamta, me, Shazlin

So here's me with Ms Rowena (Asst principal) , my mum, and Mr Jim (Principal)


Part of the gang: Joel, Talisa, Rachel, Sarah, Ashley, me, and that's Jon down there!

Mamta, me, Wenloong

Brandon Lau and I

Brandon Koh and I!

Just me being my spastic self.
LIVE family. Well, part of it.
My sister looking excited

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Last day of College

Couch Gang <3
Sooooo last Thursday was the last day of college, it wasn't very emotional cuz we'll still see each other, wait til graduation ._. Well, it was mostly just photo taking. Tons of photos. And of course, the CPU train. Didn't manage to get any photos of the train cuz I didn't wanna break my DSLR while running around campus with loads of people. Although it was fun, I thought it wasn't as good as expected, if I were to compare to last semester's (even though I didn't join last sem). But nonetheless it was a good experience. Don't think many other colleges or programs would do such fun stuff :P

Time has seriously flown by very quickly this semester, actually, this year. I'm so fortunate to have such wonderful bunch of friends. They have made my college life so much more fun and interesting.
I hope that the friendship within the 'couch gang' will remain. And I also hope that we will meet up every 5 years as promised <3

 I'm gonna miss everyone so bad..

Time for pictures!!!
*these are only a small fraction of the photos I have. I chose my favorites :)*

(part of) the couch gang 

                  Celine                                    Joie

Ms Foo 
                  Brandon Lau!                            Mr Hafiz

KOREAN DUDE who is one day younger than me! Woo Young
The guys camwhoring x'D
Wooyoung, Soonfeng, Ean, Ali
                    Jayvin                                Wenloonggggg!

Weeli (and his new pose), Celine, Me, Rachel

Celine! Girl with same surname and birthday month with me :3

                     ELIZAAAA                                  Sarah!

Saravana, Armand, Ryan Lee.

Celine, Tisha, me!

                   Ryan Yau!                            Pretty Vaenisaa :3
These three guys wore the same shirt together. GAY MUCH!
me, Jayvin, Brandon Koh, VK, Talisa
Ngawww.. The family. 

                       Dustin!                    IT'S CHRISTIAN PALENCIA!!!

sooooo I decided to photobomb the guys :x

                   Ryan Lee                              ASHLEYYYY :3

MY TWIN! (self declared) Andrea! :3 cutest girl on earth!

It's Twinnie again!

                  Sid Fong!                             Rachellll :3

 Long-lost primary school senior! Bryan Low  

My boy 

The awesomest Watermelon on the planet: TISHA 
The pretty girls :3
Ashley, me, Talisa, Rachel 

Eng4U Period 2 class 

All these amazing, cute, funny people have made my college like so memorable..
May our friendship remain!