Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sidecut Update: Day 7

It has been exactly a week since I had my side cut and it's growing unexpectedly fast! At least to me ._. I miss the prickly feeling :( Its softer right now :( Still loving it though!

Here is a hideous photo of my hair today. 
You can click HERE for my first post on my side cut. But for convenience sake,

there you go.

Will be posting more updates on my hair when I feel like it.

Breakfast Cups and Beef Burger

So this afternoon Louis came over and we decided to make some Breakfast Cup thingy! (no idea what's the proper name for it :x) But anyway, our swimming plan didn't work out since we both couldn't wake up and he forgot to bring his swimming stuff HAHA.

So we made these!

These pretty babies are sooo good and soooo easy to make I swear! I found this recipe HERE 
You need:
- Melted butter
- Muffin tin
- Ham (or cooked bacon)
- Eggs
- Pepper & Salt for seasoning
- Aluminium foil

You basically stuff a piece of bread into a pre-greased muffin tin to form a cup shape, butter the insides, bake it for about 5-8 minutes at 190°C until it's golden brown then take it out. Put in some pieces of ham (or cooked bacon), some cheese (I didn't have any so I left them out), and crack an egg in, season with salt and pepper. Bake it at 190°C for 15-20 minutes depending on how cooked you want your egg to be. 
When you take them out, cover with aluminium foil for about 5 minutes, then you're ready to dig in!
I didn't season it enough so I added some soy sauce and it was sooo good.

This recipe is so easy and delicious! Also, considering all the goodness we've put into one 'bread cup', it is really filling! We made ourselves 2 each and I almost couldn't finish it! It is filling and quick, everyone should give it a try!

So for dinner, I bought some minced beef, broccoli and fresh bread to make yummy burgers! This recipe is actually kind of self-discovered by my dad, then he taught me. 
When I stayed in Singapore, we used to be able to get our hands on really good quality beef, Australian if I've not mistaken. The beef there never needed any seasoning at all. They were sweet and succulent on its own. However, unfortunately, here in Malaysia I still have not managed to find beef of that quality so I just bought this minced Australian beef in Carefour. The bread I used to buy back in Singapore was the Italian Focaccia bread, topped with lots of herbs. Again, back here I can't find such good quality bread in the supermarkets so I just got hold of whatever I think will be best. 

On with the recipe and steps.
You need:
- Minced beef (better quality will of course taste better)
- Bread of your choice (I recommend trying Focaccia bread if you could find any)
- Cheese (I use sliced for convinience sake)
- Olive Oil
- Vege of your choice
- Garlic Salt
- Black pepper

This recipe is really based on your personal preferences. 

I basically take however much minced meat in my hands, press and pack them firmly into a patty shape. It doesn't need to be perfect. Sprinkle some garlic salt and pepper on each side of the patty and rub them in.
I started boiling my broccoli before I cooked the patty, but it's really up to you.
Heat up the pan with some olive oil, then just smack that beefy goodness onto the pan and listen to it sizzle. Flip it whenever you think it should be. Be careful not to cook them for too long or it'll loose it's juiciness. 
Toast your bread pieces and when they're ready, smack on your cheese IMMEDIATELY on the bottom bread so that it will start melting a little. When your beef is done, smack it right on your cheese to allow the hot patty to melt that cheese.
Take your vege out and your'e ready to dig in! Feel free to add any sauce you like, but if your beef is really good quality, I suggest you try it without any extra condiments. 

So that sum's up my meals today! Pretty happy with the outcomes. Do try it out!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Legoland Malaysia

It's 2013! But today I'm gonna blog about Asia's first Legoland in Johor, Malaysia, which I visited on 29 December 2012!
So my family drove down to Johor since we had to send our sister back to school in Singapore on new year. Also, we had to redeem our annual passes by the end of the year since it will expire.

Candid Shot mum took while queuing for a ride :P
The Miniland was quite amazing! It was my first visiting spot when I reached and it was BLAZING HOT. If only we had a not-so-cold winter, maybe like Genting Highlands. I could literally feel the heat penetrating into my skin, my feet was burning. I'm surprised I didn't get any tan given the little amount of sunblock I used. But anyways, Miniland was amazing. They had 'lego-lized' famous structures of several asian countries. Big landmarks. They were all so real. We went back later at night too, and the lighting was fabulous. The Twin Towers and KL Tower looked so real from a distance! It was undoubtedly beautiful.

Nyan Cat LOL

I also tried the roller coaster ride there. It is the 4th roller coaster ride I've ever experienced in my life. Despite my horrible fear for speed and height, I must say that it was a pretty amazing experience. I can't say it's the best roller coaster ride since I have only been on 4, but I guess i could say that it's on par with the Mummy Ride in Universal Studios Singapore (I love that the mummy ride goes backwards at times).

 Overall, it was pretty good, different from any other theme parks like Genting or Universal studios etc. Most theme parks have rides where you just literally ride on. But for Legoland, some of the rides were more interactive, as in you need to do stuff, instead of just sitting there.

If you had a chance, I would really suggest you visit Legoland! It will be worth it! More worth it if you go on a school day or a non-public holiday :)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New hairstyle to start off 2013...

It's 2013! It has been about a week through the new year and everything has been great for now, except having to write all my uni application essays and stuff like that :(


I HAVE A NEW HAIRCUT! One I've always wanted! :D :D :D

So I went to the salon a couple days ago, and I casually asked my mum if i could shave, and surprisingly she agreed! I've asked her many many times and this was the best reaction ever! I really really love it, as for now, but I feel that I should have shaved it a little more, just a gut feeling haha! It would be awesome if I could shave on some other patterns though :/

Just today, I walked out of my condo to the main road to wait for Louis to pick me up to church, I saw and think felt many people looking at me like I'm an alien ._. Adults mostly. This man driving actually turned his head and look at me -_-
I gotta get used to the attention ASAP ._.

BUT I LOVE IT! Very very risky decision but I love it!