Sunday, 6 January 2013

Legoland Malaysia

It's 2013! But today I'm gonna blog about Asia's first Legoland in Johor, Malaysia, which I visited on 29 December 2012!
So my family drove down to Johor since we had to send our sister back to school in Singapore on new year. Also, we had to redeem our annual passes by the end of the year since it will expire.

Candid Shot mum took while queuing for a ride :P
The Miniland was quite amazing! It was my first visiting spot when I reached and it was BLAZING HOT. If only we had a not-so-cold winter, maybe like Genting Highlands. I could literally feel the heat penetrating into my skin, my feet was burning. I'm surprised I didn't get any tan given the little amount of sunblock I used. But anyways, Miniland was amazing. They had 'lego-lized' famous structures of several asian countries. Big landmarks. They were all so real. We went back later at night too, and the lighting was fabulous. The Twin Towers and KL Tower looked so real from a distance! It was undoubtedly beautiful.

Nyan Cat LOL

I also tried the roller coaster ride there. It is the 4th roller coaster ride I've ever experienced in my life. Despite my horrible fear for speed and height, I must say that it was a pretty amazing experience. I can't say it's the best roller coaster ride since I have only been on 4, but I guess i could say that it's on par with the Mummy Ride in Universal Studios Singapore (I love that the mummy ride goes backwards at times).

 Overall, it was pretty good, different from any other theme parks like Genting or Universal studios etc. Most theme parks have rides where you just literally ride on. But for Legoland, some of the rides were more interactive, as in you need to do stuff, instead of just sitting there.

If you had a chance, I would really suggest you visit Legoland! It will be worth it! More worth it if you go on a school day or a non-public holiday :)

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