Saturday, 5 January 2013

New hairstyle to start off 2013...

It's 2013! It has been about a week through the new year and everything has been great for now, except having to write all my uni application essays and stuff like that :(


I HAVE A NEW HAIRCUT! One I've always wanted! :D :D :D

So I went to the salon a couple days ago, and I casually asked my mum if i could shave, and surprisingly she agreed! I've asked her many many times and this was the best reaction ever! I really really love it, as for now, but I feel that I should have shaved it a little more, just a gut feeling haha! It would be awesome if I could shave on some other patterns though :/

Just today, I walked out of my condo to the main road to wait for Louis to pick me up to church, I saw and think felt many people looking at me like I'm an alien ._. Adults mostly. This man driving actually turned his head and look at me -_-
I gotta get used to the attention ASAP ._.

BUT I LOVE IT! Very very risky decision but I love it!

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