Wednesday, 27 February 2013



I have pink hair! Like finally! I only dyed a small portion of the bottom-most layer of my hair but whatever! That's a good start! I've been thinking of dying a portion of my hair some funky color, so today I followed my mum to the salon and they only had pink! I guess it was a blessing in disguise cuz I kinda really love pink and I would have a hard time choosing colors.

From the back it isn't really obvious, just peeks through the rest of my hair. Thought about it and I kinda want more to show :/ But it's okay!

Attempted a Fishtail braid, and wanted the outcome to be something like this

But I guess I haven't had enough practice plus my hair is not long enough hence the FAIL FISHTAIL BRAID LOL. So messy. 

Tried tying a French Braid as well to see how it would look like, but hah. too layered, so many things flying out ._. And plus that shaved side growing out -.- So ugly oh gosh. 

Tried out the lazy simple twist bun and here's how it looks like. So much pink! <3 

I also attempted doing up a big messy bun I used to do a lot in the past, like this:

However, I am not able to do a proper one anymore I think because of my shaved side. I don't have enough hair to make a proper voluminous bun ._. Which kinda sucks ._. So here's a fail bun with my pink hair ._.
What a shame ._. The pink would look so nice with a big bun :( But oh well! Can't do anything about it!

I'm basically quite happy with the outcome of the pink hair. Not sure how easily it will fade but I hope it lasts for awhile. I guess Malaysia is a little more conservative when it comes to hair dye color, so I was super happy when I found out that this salon has such striking color. I hope they will start bringing in more colors so I can have a rainbow head. Okay I'm joking :x I want more colors so that I can change colors when they fade off :D But as for now I'm loving the pink! :D