Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Snapple Story

So if you know me well enough, you might know that I hated Snapple.Well I don't know if anyone would know that other than my family, I never really told anyone. So here's the story:

One day my family and I were shopping in NTUC (supermarket in Singapore), and we bought something that gave us bottles of Snapples as a free gift. I can't remember the exact flavor and taste and experience but I just didn't like it at all. It might have been some berry flavor or some sort. I was 13 so I guess I compared it to the super yummy Ribena (now I'm craving for it.. great.). Since then I've never touched Snapple no matter how yummy people say it is (blech).
So last night I went to the Pub with Achi to get some snacks for supper. She convinced me to try the Snapple lemon tea, and I thought why not, since we will have an abundance of meal money by the end of the semester anyway. Since I had to stay up to finish my work, I got some other snacks.

Achi and I have never tried Pop-Tarts so we decided to get one S'mores-flavored one to try. And she convinced me to try Twix too haha. I know this is fattening. Don't judge. So we tried the Pop-Tarts. Instructions said to try it warm, microwaved. So we did, with Briana's super chic microwave.
VERDICT: It was unexpectedly not too sweet! First few bites I wasn't sure whether I like it but I decided it's fine haha. Love that it's not too sweet, but the pastry part was a little weird, neither love or hate it. I wouldn't go get it again anytime soon, will probably get it when I have a random craving haha.
For the Twix! Its good! When Achi told me it was caramel and a little bit of biscuit, Mars popped in my mind... and I don't love Mars. IT IS SO FREAKING SWEET!  But Twix is totally not the case! It's not too sweet at all, will definitely get it again! In fact I got one today and shared it with Achi :P


YUMYUMYUMMMM. I usually get just the yellow-orange melon but they only had the mix one yesterday so yea. I don't usually buy the mix because I was afraid that the grapes might have seeds and all the fruits mixed together tastes weird. In there, there's grapes, melon, honey dew, and pineapple at the bottom ._. The pineapple was really out of place. But one thing I need to say is that ALL THE FRUITS HERE ARE ALWAYS SO YUMMY AND SWEET! EVERY SINGLE DAY! The pineapples are never too sour, unlike some in Malaysia that makes my 'lelangit' hurt. I use 'lelangit' cuz that's the only word I know how to describe that part of the mouth. Malaysians should know what I'm talking about haha. But yea, the fruits are so yummy, I've been having fruits almost everyday (Healthy ^^), and carrots with Sriracha sauce x.x yummyyyyy. Everything goes well with Sriracha. Win Sambal and Chili Padi.

Ok back to Snapple. I didn't forget okay. So I picked up the Lemon Tea flavored Snapple and very bravely drank it.

And I liked it! Maybe it's just Lemon Tea and lemon teas can never go wrong haha. But at least I overcame my Snapple-phobia haha. 1 bottle can last me for like 2 days or so haha. I'll definitely go get it again when I feel like it. It's between that and orange juice :D I saw this 'strawberry banana' flavored drink. I don't think I'll ever try that :x 

Yesterday Achi asked me to braid her hair for her because she wanted to go cycling, and I was like OMG I'm more than happy to! Her hair is so long and smooth and easy to work with! It has this super pretty natural curls to it it's just amazing. First day I saw her I thought she curled it with curling iron. It's so pretty. I'm sad cuz she said she wants to cut  it off in November or something :( But anyways, this is what I did to her :3 
Achi's Hair

First time doing a fishtail braid on such long hair! Had a mini practice braiding Kiri's hair the night before haha, hence it's the 2nd time I'm doing a fishtail braid on somebody else. My sister doesn't like braids so I can't use her hair :( But yea! success! haha!

This is pretty random but Briana has a really cute spoon and this is what it says:

I literally laughed out loud when I saw it haha! Super cute!

Two days ago I finally managed to get my butt back into the gym. IT WAS SO SATISFYING. The Sarah Lawrence gym has so many equipment and machines! I went there with Achi and Donna. We went to check out the basketball court and shoot some balls. Last time I played basketball was probably with YeeTeng in HwaChong Boarding School or something. Ahhh whatever. I'm not meant to play basketball. Went to the gym, used most of the machines, worked quite some muscles! :D Then we played squash! I've never played squash before so Achi taught me some basics! It was really fun! Took some time to adjust cuz it is quite similar to badminton except that the ball is heavier so my estimation is still according to badminton's shuttle cock. But I love it! Went to the gym with Achi again today, then played squash! I guess squash is my favorite sport for now since I don't have the chance to play badminton here :/ 

Me, Achi, Donna

Achi and I decided that we will try to eat and be healthy from now on! We're gonna come to the gym quite often and eat clean-ish haha! Gonna eat lots of fruits and veg (shes's vegetarian), white meat for me! And dessert is fine since we both love ice cream :P Mondays will be 'detox' day so strictly clean eating :D
Looking forward to a healthier lifestyle :D

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