Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sarah Lawrence College

Hello! Finally got the motivation to start blogging again! So it's been 1 month and 2 days since I left home, and a about 23 days since I stepped foot on Sarah Lawrence College :D I have yet to take a photo of the school so just google it up and I'm pretty sure you'll get pictures and information. I'll try my best to upload more photos of my college! It's quite small but really nice. I've been loving it so far, especially the weather ^^ Ok fine the weather is kinda pms lol. One day it's really cold, one day it's warm. I remember about 2 weeks ago, we had a movie screening outdoors on the lawn, and everyone was freezing their butts off. At least I was. But a few days later, the weather started turning into Sahara desert. Ok I'm exaggerating but it felt like Malaysia. But it was worse in my room because they repaired the hot water boiler and apparently the boiler is right under my room (I'm on the basement) and even my floor is hot. I was sweating all day and it's not nice at all. Found it hard to sleep even with my stand fan blowing 1 meter away from me. But it's all good now since it's fall already, I assume.

Classes have been quite awesome, I took up Math, General Chemistry and 2D Design. So my math class isn't really what it sounds like. If you hear math, you'll think equations, graphs blablabla all the calculation stuff. That's what I thought. And also kind of what I wanted. But NOOOO. It's related to the history of math and involves some philosophy. Hmm. Still undecided on whether I like it or not. We've been learning about how the ancient Greek, Incans, Egyptians etc started using the simplest form of math. It's quite interesting so far, but quite a bit of reading...
     Chemistry is good though! It's kind of like a O level chemistry revision for me since the Singapore O Levels is at a higher standard apparently. So I'm relearning what I learnt, just that this Scottish teacher goes really in depth and explains everything so well, and he is sooooo patient. I feel like I needed all these fundamentals I'm understanding now for my O Levels back then. No wonder I didn't do well. Heh. We just had a lesson on converting the American units to the Metric system. IT IS SOOOO TROUBLESOMEEE. Metrics is so much easier! If you were to ask me how tall and heavy I am, I still am not able to tell you that in ft and lb ._.
     My 2D design class is kinda cool! I actually chose an economics class at first for registration, but I got 'bumped' (a SLC term which basically means I didn't get into that class). So I had to reconsider other courses and chose 2D Design! It's kinda like abstract art. So our second assignment was to use black and white with the grids to create an image. So I misinterpreted the professor's instructions and did this:

So some people were showing the class their work and it was just like grids with different shading and I was like 'shit...'. Then our next assignment was to do something similar but with the help of colored papers. And this was what I came up with :

Honestly, I just started pasting bit and pieces of squares together, hoping that I'm not doing it wrong again. Brought it to class, everyone had to pin their work on the walls. So the students and teacher starting to critic without knowing who's work is which. Sooo somebody pointed out that he/she (I forgot who) liked my work, stirring up some discussion. And those people were like 'Oh, I like how it creates a depth to it, and its like you don't know if the colors or the whites are in the front, and I really like the little tiny black square in the middle of the white, it's really interesting..' etc. And I'm like hmm.. okayyyy so I guess I'm doing something right? :P HAPPY GIRL! So now I have another 2 'images' to create, impressions from different places. It's really abstract lol.

So enough of boring stuff.. A few days ago it was Mid Autumn Festival. I don't know why I like to call it Mooncake Festival. Is it the proper name for the festival? :O So here in SLC, us Malaysians and a Singaporean decided to get together and have a mini celebration! we invited a few of our friends together to experience it with us :D We had paper lanterns, candles, tea and mooncakes shipped from Singapore! And a box of mooncakes we bought in Chinatown (so not yummy at all). So my Malaysian senior, Elaine, was asking who wants what kind of tea. We had green tea, Jasmine, and 铁观音. So she had to translate to the non-chinese speakers. So she asked me and the Singaporean senior, Fanny (oh she's from Xinmin too!!! HAHAHA), what is 铁观音 in english, and Fanny was like 'err Iron Buddha?' and I just cracked up xD The non-chinese speakers were like whaaaattttt xD But yeah, we enjoyed ourselves haha!

Things are going quite well here as for now. I found a few funky close friends :) Really awesome to have such great fast so quickly :) 

I really miss my family and friends back at home, especially my love Louis, Tisha, Mamta, Celine and Weeli.  But at least for now, I'll have these pictures by my side to look at everyday, missing all the amazing time I shared with all the people that made my life so awesome 

This notebook Tisha handmade for me, I decided to make it my diary, record things down whenever I feel like it. So far it only has one entry but I'll definitely put it to good use. Thank you Tisha <3 

It's kinda late here right now, like 4.15am, so I'm gonna go zonk out. Goodnight world. 

p.s. I miss you a whole lot


  1. Oh girl, finally finished everything so far! Your posts are so wordy but interesting to read! HAHA Keep on blogging, it's great to finally catch up knowing what you've been doing so far! Miss you and take care! xxx

    P/s: Twix is awesome! :P

    1. Hey Wendyyyy! <3 I shall get some blogging advice from you :3 I miss you too!