Saturday, 21 June 2014

Short Trip to Bangkok, Thailand

HELLOOOOO! I'm finally back after like a million years haha

So last week I went on a short few days' trip to Bangkok, Thailand with like 25 other people!
The weather was HORRENDOUS. I am a cold weather person as some of you might know. So the heat and humidity was just omg. I was constantly sweating and I was having some cough and flu (strange cuz I wasn't cold at all) and having to switch from extreme hot and sweaty to cold aircond did not help at all.
But it was a pretty fun trip anyway.

And my mum decided to give me a birthday surprise by bringing Louis along without me knowing about it for the past few months! So sneaky! Anyways I was super happy la haha

First meal in Bangkok!
We had some pretty awesome chicken rice too but I didn't manage to take a photo of it haha

This is our hotel! The tallest building in Bangkok!
Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
The location is great! Close to many nice malls and night markets!

The view from the revolving 84th floor of the hotel

Just look at the layers of highways lol
not-so-great quality photo taken with iPhone

better quality but blurry heh

The steps are so tall you can see people struggling to get up

Second day ootd. Still drenched in sweat though.

Top: Charlotte Russe
Shorts: Forever21
Feet: Fitflop

Thai food for dinner yums!

This is the place where an existing railway track is also a market! Stalls sell their stuff literally by the track and the train will come by twice a day. Everytime the train comes, all the stalls will pull in all their goods and close up their umbrella shades. 

Frogs ._.

Frogs again ._.

how the market looks like before the train arrives

All the stalls kept their stuff awaiting the train 

My face was literally like one foot away from the train!

Stalls putting down their shades the second the train passes!

'Homemade' Coconut ice cream

mini pineapples!

Next we headed to the floating market! The boat ride was extremely fun but the water was almost splashing at us hahaha


Enjoying his coconut ice cream 

Last day we went to this palace place. I don't remember the name but the infrastructure looked pretty nice

HOWEVER. You need to be in 'Proper attire' aka shirt with sleeve, long pants that are not too tight, and no crop tops too. Funny thing is they allow slippers -.- 

So this guy didn't have long pants and was forced to rent this for 30baht (RM3). *facepalm at awful pants*

It was so bloody hot omg 

All in all I am kind of sad that I did not get to shop much at all. Since we had like a tour package, we were mostly visiting places that were previously planned already. We didn't really get to go shopping at the cheap malls nearby like Platinum etc since they close pretty early. We did go to Chatuchak but it was so insanely hot I was not in the mood at all to shop for clothes. Under such sweaty circumstance I was constantly judging the quality of the clothes and how hot it would be to wear some of those garments in our climate. Looking back I kind of regret not getting some of the stuff from Chatuchak but meh whatever. 

Overall I really loved the trip except for the heat. That's my only complain haha.
If only Thailand was colderrrr.