Sunday, 9 February 2014

January Snow and OOTD - Leather Varsity Jacket & Skorts

Sarah Lawrence College

So it's been snowing lately in New York, and it's so so pretty outside. Every time there's snow, the little girl inside of me just gets so excited and hyped up. It's just so so so pretty. 
PLUS. The movie 'Frozen' has been so popular. Love the songs from the movie. Every time I see snow I wanna sing 'Do you wanna build a Snowman'. 
The whiteness of everything is just so pretty.. Imagine how it would look like if snow were to be black. Or better yet, colorful. Like confetti. HAHAH.

Look at the pretty snow flakes. Gorgeous.

This is how they 'shovel' the walkway. The machine spits out the snow on the side hahah.

View from my room window

Fresh fresh snow.

One day I just decided that I wanna do an OOTD post. 
Mainly because I wanna share a couple of my favorite garments now.

If you didn't know, I have this massive obsession with anything leather and studs.

I've wanted a varsity jacket for the longest time ever. I was kind of hesitant to get one earlier since it was so damn popular and hipster which to me became a little mainstream? So I decided to put it off until I find one that was to die for. 
And guess what?
I found it. 
The perfect varsity jacket for me. 
I saw it in Wilson's Leather in California, one of the premium outlets. I saw it with my mum and I was like 'OMG I HAVE TO HAVE ITTTTTT'. It was on discount. Plus we had a coupon to the store. *yay* 
I love how its not the conventional red/green/blue/black at the body with white sleeves so it's not as dull. Rarer :P Easier to match outfits too!
AND IT'S LEATHERRR. NEED I SAY MORE??? Well fake leather but still.

This long sleeve crop top I got from Forever 21! Love the tribal prints and the fact that the colors are very neutral and muted, unlike most tribal/aztec that can be quite colorful.
The long sleeve keeps me quite warm too! I doubt I'll ever be able to wear it in Malaysia though.

I love wearing thigh high socks cuz I get to wear shorts and skirts too, and it gives this illusion of elongated and slimmer legs.

One of my favorite garments now are these Skorts!

Mum bought it from Thailand for me! LOVEEEE ITTTT. 
1. It's a skort. You don't need to worry about exposing yourself
2. It has a lace layering. So pretty
3. Looks like a skater skirt. 
4. the biggest reason why I like it: The zipper is at the back. 

The zipper.
At the back.
Makes it sooooo much more comfortable. 
You know how when you wear jeans and the zipper is in front, when you sit down it just curves into a funny shape and all? And after a really big meal you get some belly and the button and zipper just eats into your tummy a little? 
Hate that.

I wore this skort to a buffet and it just is so much more comfy.
Huge plus for me.

Do you fancy these heatless curls? I might make a post on my favorite method!

Top: Forever 21
Skort: Thailand
Jacket: Wilson's Leather
Socks: eBay
Shoes: Singapore
Spiked Headband: eBay

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